Poly dryer cleaner

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✓ Improve Dryer Work Efficiency.
✓ Preventing fire risks.
✓ Save Your Money.

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This item: Poly dryer cleaner
$ 29.99$ 49.99
$ 29.99$ 49.99


Your dryer keep giving you an error code and not drying stuff all the way. ?

Is the dryer less efficient due to a clogged vent  ?

There is a ton of lint and a gross amount of hair in your dryer vent ?


Flexible dryer pipe/vent cleaning kit.

The tool is designed for rigid metal or semi-rigid metal. Do not use on flexible foils.

Includes high quality synthetic brush heads and durable rods that extend to 12 feet.

This professional dryer vent cleaning kit can be used with or with an electric drill.

It’s easy to use, delivers superior results and helps you prevent costly repairs. It helps prevent the dryer from catching fire by periodically removing dangerous lint deposits.

615*100*100mm: 6 rods 12 feet blister packaging


Product specifications
Diameter 100mm* hair length 40mm* nylon rod 4 M8 thread

Nylon rod length 610mm

Commodity material

Galvanized iron wire

Product packaging
Bubble shell (size: 67.5*16*6CM,)

Brown box (size: 62*8*10CM,)

Additional information

Weight 0.80 kg
Dimensions 420 × 100 × 80 cm

6 Rods, 9 Rods, 15 Rods – Best Value


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Poly dryer cleaner
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