Caulking Scraper Tools

$ 12.98

With 6 Silicone Pads, meet the needs of different shapes.letting you make the sealant smooth and spread evenly for a perfectly white, clean caulk line!

✓ Wide Application

✓ Different Edges

✓ Easily use

✓ Removal & Cleaning

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This item: Caulking Scraper Tools
$ 12.98
$ 12.98


Cross-border special supply 6-piece caulking scraper beauty seam tool kitchen bathroom floor tile joint glass glue trimming scraper


Wide Application
Works well with most types of sealant, silicone, resin, grout and more; can be used to kitchen bathroom fitter sink, or other home sealing projects; DIY works or floor silicone sealing.

Different Edges
Different edges are marked with different sizes to meet your different needs. Easily store and clean.



3 in 1 caulking tools
This 3 in 1 thicker tool not only can help you repair the gap and clean the residual glue but also improve the Agglutinating Quality and the Aesthetic Sense of Surface. ( 5 replaceable pads)
Easily use
Simply press the silicone sealant lightly along the line when the sealant is still fresh, or you can cover some fresh sealant on the dirt to help clean when the sealant is dry.




Removal & Cleaning
Great tool to remove leaky silicone and grout lines. Suitable for making perfect corners without wasted caulk, silicone or grout. Easily cleaning.

Usage of caulking tool:
1. Squeezing the silicone sealant vaguely along the line.
2. Selecting the proper size and shape of tool
3. Moving the tool slowly along the seal, make sure they work well.
4. Waiting it all dry and rub off the thin layer left behind leaving you with good joints.
5. Use water or wet cloth to clean the tools after use



Weight :0.073 (kg)
Specifications :6 sets (3 Yin and Yang scraper +3 Yin Angle scraper 01)
Scope of application: applicable


Additional information

Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 220 × 160 × 30 cm

6 Caulking Tools


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